{ second trimester }

Time must really be flying by, because it's seems like only a few weeks ago that I was typing my "first trimester" post. I'm so thankful to have had an easy, uneventful pregnancy this far, and I just hope this luck carries over into the last stretch. Life has been crazy around here lately... some nights Brian and I find ourselves laying down in bed at night saying to each other, "remember how we're having a baby?!" Of course we don't really forget, it's just that it's not the ONLY thing on our minds. Some things to note about my second trimester with baby no. 2:
-something to do with the change in hormones has affected my hair growth. I pretty much don't need to shave my legs and armpits. Of course I still check, but I really don't need to!

-over the last 6 weeks i'm pretty certain my stomach has quadrupled in size. it's sort of scary how fast it's grown.

-i can feel WAY more with this baby. unlike last time, I can feel the top of my uterus and sometimes I can feel an arm or leg pressed up against me.

-finley loves to talk about her baby sister. every day she tells me that she wants her sister to "come over", but I think what she is most excited about it helping burp the baby. she has recently started coming over to me when i'm sitting on the couch and lifting up my shirt and resting her hand on my stomach like she sees daddy do. it's precious! and of course she has to be just like mommy and slather lotion on her tummy everyday, you know... so that she doesn't get stretch marks.

-this baby loves mexican food. my poor husband is probably sick of me making tacos, nachos and taco salads, but I just can't get enough! In fact we're having tacos tonight. Hooray!

-we have decided on her name, and this time we're not telling anyone! We're loving having a little secret between the 3 of us. don't even think about being sneaky and asking finley, cause she'll tell you!

-my Beband has recently become my best friend. if you aren't familiar with it, it's a stretchy band that you wear around your waist and it lets you wear your jeans with the button undone. It seriously makes sitting down while wearing jeans sooooo much more comfortable. And it hides your crack. it's a $15 lifesaver....way cheaper than buying new jeans.

so i guess that's it. nothing too monumental to report.


michelle said...

As usual, I love your postings. I still think you look so tiny in your pic. Finley is going to be the most amazing big sister.

C.J. and Jen said...

Um...seriously. Who really is that small at 27 weeks with their second baby? You take the cake for cutest preggo ever.

mike, hill, and isabella said...

i'm asking finley next time i see you guys! and you really are the cutest preggo ever!