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Every now and then I like to do a post about Finley and what she's up to. I have been awful at keeping up with her baby book, so it's kind of a way for me to record important things. Now that she's a big two year old I've been meaning to do one, but keep putting it off. I really feel like my words can't possibly describe this super fun stage that she's in. I can't keep up with all the new things that she's learning or all the impossibly cute and hilarious things that come out of her mouth. So here is my attempt at capturing what brian and I feel has been "the best stage yet!"
Here are some of the things that come to mind when I think of the last few months with our daughter.

-she loves to sing. she likes to sing and she likes to be sung to. she wakes up singing, she sings in the car, and she sings up and down the aisles while we grocery shop. her favorite songs to sing are: jesus loves me, ho ho ho hosana, old macdonald, abc's, and "the hallelujah song". i could listen to her high little voice sing all day long...and i do.
-she loves her daddy. she squeals when he gets home in the evening and she loves, loves, LOVES waking up and finding out that it's a daddy stay home day. She loves to watch brian work on projects around the house and she even knows her way around his tool box. Seriously, we watched her use the dry wall scraper thingy on the walls exactly the right way. While brian works, she pops in to cheer him on, saying things like: "yay, daddy" "good job, daddy" "my playroom is sooooo pretty daddy". I'm second fiddle when daddy's home, which is just fine with me.

-she can't wait for her baby sister to come. she kisses my tummy all the time and tells me at least 20 times a day that she wants her baby sister to come over. She tells everyone and their brother (including the grocery store checker) that she is going to share her bed with her baby sister.

-Finley loves to show off! As I am getting more and more pregnant (aka lazy) we've been spending more time around the house. Finley is perfectly happy to have her audience sit on the couch while she sings, dances, and acts like a complete goof ball. Then she'll top it off by saying "i'm such a stinker" or "i'm a silly goose". The thing is, she really is funny. As in, ha-ha funny. She has us laughing all day long. In fact, I'm going to figure out a way to start documenting the hilarious things she says.

-As far as learning new things goes, I think any parent of a two year can agree that it's crazy how much their little brains soak up. She has mastered counting 1-12 and then it usually goes something like 12, 14, 19, 14. She knows all the main shapes and colors. What has surprised me is how quickly she is picking up letters. I'm going to try and get a video of this...but she knows 10 or so letters and what that letter is for. i.e. M is for mommy. D is for daddy. Y is for yogurt. And she points out letters all over the place. We'll be driving and she'll say "that's a y for yogurt" and sure enough she's looking at the old navY sign.

-she is getting really into girly things. this girl owns 5 tutu's, yes 5 tutus! and she loves to wear them around the house with her "nicknack's" (necklaces) and clip on earrings. she is very interested in watching me put on makeup (on the rare occasion that that happens). and she loves to put on yummy smelling lotion after her bath. Unfortunately, I put some shine stuff in her hair for a special occasion and now she wants me to do it all the time. Poor girl doesn't understand the concept of greasy hair yet. And why, oh why haven't i learned yet that i can't do something just once for a special reason without her asking for it again, every single day. Also, her baby dolls have been a big hit for a while now.

- she is basically potty trained when we're at home. Sometimes she goes potty when we're out and about or at other people's houses. But we still put her in a diaper when we leave the house because, well, i'm lazy and i'm not ready to deal with accidents in public yet. m&m's have been the perfect bribe, i mean reward, for getting her to use the toilet. a funny side note: a couple months ago she pointed to my sunroof and said, "what's that, mommy?" i said "oh, a bird pooped on the window" and she started clapping and said "yay birdy. good job. now you get m&m's". see what i mean about being hilarious?

-other random information: she is still a string bean (long and skinny). she LOVES stickers, loves sesame street (and frankly so do i), loves cottage cheese more than life itself, she loves to "make a tent" in our bed and have a sing a long with us under the covers, she enjoys anything to do with animals, she is the most amazing sleeper, she loves to praise the lord-and the little stinker has even figured out that saying "i wanna praise the lord more" allows her to stay up for a few extra minutes, she loves to be the center of attention and she has recently started telling brian and i "no talking" when we're focused on each other and not her (thank goodness a sibling is on the way!!).

So that's finley in a nutshell, a veeeery long nutshell. i had no idea this would turn into such a long post. if you're still reading you are a very patient friend!

Here is her first haircut done by a professional. I gave her what can only be described as "the worst mom haircut you've ever seen", just days before her birthday party. thankfully it was fixable.


michelle said...

I love update posts like this!! Her singing can only be described as an angel's voice. It is so sweet and full of joy, I love it when she sings LOUD! She looks like a proud owner of her Elmo "unders" in the pic, such a big girl. This was a beautiful post, nice work Mom.

mike, hill, and isabella said...

i LOVE this post!

Crystal said...

haha i love that Ruth is doing her hair!!! :D ruth is the ONLY one who has ever done my hair my whole life! GO RUTH! :D lol maybe finley will grow up to be a singer or something! :P if she does, make sure she gives me an autograph so i can sell it on ebay :P