farewell, brown

This weekend Brian started on a project in Finley's room to transition it from baby room to big girl room. While we're making the switch I decided that the brown walls needed to go and we needed something lighter and softer. You know, needed! We've loved the brown, but for such a small room with small windows it probably isn't the greatest choice.

So, Brian literally worked all weekend putting up the board and batten wainscoting and painting the walls. The paint sprayer turned out to be his bestfriend and worst enemy. He had to do a gazillion thin coats in order to keep the paint from running. He even woke up at 5 am on monday to do one last coat so finley could be back in her room that day! The last few mornings when I go in to to get Finley the first thing she says is, "it's my new pink room! it's so cute! thank you, daddy". I couldn't have said it better myself. THANK YOU, BABE!

He took these pictures at night, so it's sort of hard to see the detail and the pink looks a little off (it's not such a blue pink) but you get the idea. still have to paint her new door white...

and here we are at a fun little animal farm. we didn't capture many great pictures because finley was a little under the weather.
Okay, now this was seriously entertaining! all the sudden these goats climbed up on these tables and posed. They stood perfectly still for a LONG time. They must be some sort of show goats that have been trained to pose for pictures or something.
and ps, spell check isn't working.


Andrea said...

Looks so cute! And my girls have the same sweat shirt as Finley. Yay Costco.

mike, hill, and isabella said...

i love it! and i love the wainscoting. so cute.