our thanksgiving tradition

One of my very favorite family traditions is heading up to the mountains on Thanksgiving morning to cut down our Christmas tree. This year was especially interesting because the snow was soooooo deep (above my knees). Thankfully, Brian's family came prepared with enough snow shoes for almost everyone in the group. But even with snow shoes on it was still really tricky to maneuver around in the snow and i sort of thought i miiiiight go into labor when i had to carry finley back to the car. As usual, we had a great time and we have LOTS of pictures to prove it (it's bound to happen when Brian's mom and I get together). And now, let me introduce you to what many of you wait for all year long.....

Brian, in his onesie snowsuit. Try not to be afraid.

Grandma had to make the trek without snowshoes!

If only there was a way to photoshop finley's whiny face into a smiling face...it could've been a Christmas card option!

don't worry...we're only using the very top of the tree for our "table topper tree".

not happy taking a face plant in the snow :(

with grandma
After our excursion we headed to my family's house for yummy food and relaxing. Sometimes I hate to use the word "blessed", but that's the best way to describe how we feel. This year we are especially thankful for: God (duh), our hilarious daughter, both our amazing families, our friends, our church, our health, our baby girl on the way, my easy pregnancy, Brian's new company and the doors that have opened for him, and our home that brings us lots of joy and comfort.
Tomorrow I'm making my first turkey. Since it's a no no to eat deli turkey when you're pregnant I've gone without it for seven months. I am really excited about having tons of leftovers for sandwiches. Wish me luck!

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mike, hill, and isabella said...

as a matter of fact, i DO wait all year to see brian in his onesie! nothing makes me happier.ps. really REALLY cute pics.