the biggest shocker ever (and some crafts)

So, this weekend Brian and I had the biggest shocker EVER thrown to us by our little peanut. Let me tell you, this goes down in my book as probably the most splendid surprise of all time. For those of you whose babies never took a binky or got rid of it early on, it probably sounds absurd to you that our now 2 year old still had one. But, from day one she has loved sleeping with it, and we've allowed it (in her bed) because well, we have enjoyed reaping the rewards of our good little sleeper. A long time ago we agreed that when she turned two we would get rid of it. Basically we put it off for the last month because I'm a huge wuss and I kept coming up with excuses. I was really not looking forward to how this was going to affect her (my) sleep. We decided to approach it by being straight up with her, and a day or two before I forewarned her that we would be all done with the binkies because she is a big girl now. We talked about her other big kid friends who don't have binkies anymore and that's pretty much it. The first time without it happened to be a naptime and it was everything I expected and more. She cried/wailed/whimpered for her binky/mommy for an hour or more. It was really, really sad to listen to. But.........
Guess what? That night she didn't even ask for it. In fact, all you could hear over the monitor was her little voice singing ho ho ho hosana. And then she just fell right asleep. And she hasn't asked for it once since!! I kid you not, we had prepared ourselves for several days, maybe even a weeks worth of withdrawals. We are sooooooo thrilled and so proud of her.
In other news... my wonderful, selfless mother came over this weekend to help me knock some things off my craft to do list. She tackled making curtains for Finley's room out of some cute green fabric I picked up, and lined them with black out fabric. I love the finished result! Thanks, mom!
I tried to fool around with my camera to get a better picture, but cameras are not my forte. The fabric doesn't look nearly as good in the pictures as it does in real life, but you get the idea.
While my mom was sewing, I worked on making over our goodwill dollhouse. I thought that this might take a couple hours, but it ended up taking much, much longer. I probably won't use craft paint again, because it took a million coats. I went with green for this as well, because I'm trying to tone down the bubble gum factor in her room. I plan to repaint a little coffee table thingy white and put some sort of cute storage underneath for all the accessories.
here is the lovely "before"

I thought shingles would be fun, without realizing I would have to cut and hot glue over 250 popsicle stick pieces.

a little paint, trim, and shingles, and here you go!

I love that little face peaking in from behind!

Next up: repainting finley's new (my old) headboard and nightstand.


mike and hillary said...

LOVE that curtain fabric!

C.J. and Jen said...

Hooray for the pacifier development. If it makes you feel any better, we just got rid of Owen's this week...and the delay was for the exact same reasons you listed. However, I am REALLY nervous about nap times since it has taken him a good hour and half to fall asleep at nap time without it. In fact, he has skipped a nap several times since getting rid of it. I tell you what, though....if he's not napping when this baby is born I am going to be VEERRYYY tempted to bring that sucker back out so that we all don't go crazy! And by the way, I LOVE the doll house. Nice work!