Go ahead and judge me for saying this...our family isn't really that into halloween. I just couldn't bring myself to spend any money on a costume so we dressed her up in something she already had. If I do say so, I think she made a rather cute little ballerina (even if she wouldn't leave on her ballet slippers). Instead of taking her trick or treating we decorated plates of sugar cookies and took them to some of our friends in the neighborhood. At night we stayed home and enjoyed seeing all the kids (um, and adults) come to our door. Every time the door bell rang, Finley screamed "my friends are here!!".


michelle said...

the pics are great,purple/lavender is a good color on her. she looks so happy, i am glad she had fun.

mike, hill, and isabella said...

so cute! it looks like she's standing on her tip toes in one of those pictures...what a good little ballerina. and my favorite thing ever is that she'd scream, "my friends are here!" so funny.