etsy: girly edition

i'm feeling on top of the world right now. my mil came over to watch the girls this morning so i could go to mom's group. it's almost scary how much i enjoyed those few hours...having a peaceful car ride with my sister-in-law, being able to carry on a conversation without three billion interruptions. i love my little ones, but let's just say i needed some 'me time'. i feel like a new woman-thanks grandma!


my due date is sneaking up on us, and even though this girl doesn't need a single thing, i still have the desire to get her {or make her} a little something. i've been looking on etsy for some special little girl things and these are some of my favorites...

from here

i'll take one of these for all 3 girls. from here

and what the heck, i'll take 3 of these as well. from here

can't you just picture some chubby little legs in these!

this is my belated christmas gift that i'll order after no. 3 makes her arrival. from here

i love etsy. and i love window shopping...especially for little girls.


Grandma said...

good thing i don't make a habit of etsy...but the temptation is getting greater all the time!!

Meghan Beck said...

A few hours away makes the WORLD of difference! I'm also fortunate to have my mil and mom close by.

And I want every one of those etsy finds. Every one. I've seen so many personalized necklaces but I love the one you chose! Can't wait to hear baby girl's name- I love your names!