can i give some advice?

on my old blog i had a tracking thingy installed that told me where my visitors came from and how they got to my blog. one day i saw that someone {from germany} had gotten to our page from google by typing in some crass pedophile search. since then i've been much more mindful about the content i post on our blog, and the words that i use in a given post. WordPress offers a different, far less informative, tracking thing that is built into my blog. it doesn't tell me much, but it does keep track of visitors who come via a search engine {google} and what words they searched for. luckily the person who came by our site this week, didn't find what they were looking for, but it's still disturbing nonetheless. and since most of the people who check our blog have family blogs themselves, i felt the need to share a bit of advice. be careful what photos you post. be mindful of your words. even if you aren't writing about something inappropriate, a google search pulls words out of various sentences. ok, that's all.

have a good day :)

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Grandma said...

Thank you for always being aware of protecting your family! We live in such a crazy world!