a message to our friends:

we are going into hibernation.
unless you can tell me where to get a child size bubble {a la seinfeld}
she has been sick non-stop since halloween.
it is sad for her.
it is sad for us.
we miss our friends.
we miss being social.
but, if you are sick, stay far, FAR away.

love, the neuenschwanders

all kidding aside. she really has had a rough couple months. so much so, we had her doctor do some blood work to make sure nothing serious was weakening her immune system. praise the lord, the tests came back fine. but, in an attempt to let her body rebound we've been advised to lay low for a couple weeks. 

and just because she's so gosh darn cute {even sick}...


meghan beck said...

I totally understand! It is so exhausting/sad for everyone when they are sick. I get so dissapointed when we hang out with friends and find out that their kids are sick...because then mine get it...and it's no fun. She looks so sweet in these pictures!

mimi said...

she is just beautiful!

Jen said...

Holy toledo that girl is beautiful!

hillary said...

oh my word she is cute!

p.s. glad we cancelled our play date because everyone's colds got worse last night/today.

Grandma said...

Sweet Adalaide...beautiful eyes....hugs and kisses!!