just for fun

My friend katey tagged me to do this...so here goes... 5 things on my To Do list: 1. organize and put away finley’s clothes that she has grown out of 2. buy gifts for several weddings we attended over the last few months 3. find new recipes to try 4. develop photos from finley’s birth-today 5. water the plants 5 snacks I enjoy: 1.pineapple 2. string cheese 3. popcorn (made with my whirly pop) 4. wheat thins & peanut butter 5. homemade brownies 5 things I would do if I won the lottery: 1. buy my mom a new van-that doesn’t beep the whole time it’s on 2. travel 3. tithe/give to organizations that we are passionate about 4. build our dream deck and get some really nice patio furniture 5. have brian quit/and or scale back on the 60 hour work weeks 5 bad habits: 1. snacking when I’m not hungry 2. not hanging clean clothes back up after I try them on 3. neglecting to wash dishes better before loading them in the dishwasher 4. drinking too much diet soda and not enough water 5. not treating stains right away 5 places I have lived: 1. carnation, wa 2. seattle, wa 3. vancouver, bc 4. tukwila, wa 5 jobs I have had: 1. tanning salon 2. eddie bauer 3. nanny (for several families) 4. WAHM- work at home mom (my new favorite term!) 5 friends who ghost read your blog and need to start their own: 1. Mimi 2. everyone who reads my blog already has their own! 5 favorite things to do on the weekends: 1. spend time with brian 2. sleep in/take naps 3. play out in the yard 4. do home improvement projects, or just cheer brian on while he does them 5. cook yummy breakfast I'm tagging Lindsey


Ruth said...

Hey Meghan,
I look at you blog all the time. I love keeping up on all of your adventures. That way I can see up to date pictures of your beautiful daughter. You know Mimi and I talk all the time about our wonderful granddaughters and their parents. Until more adventures...love ya Ruth

queenbee said...

I loved reading this, how fun!