cars, gymnastics, and a finley update

This weekend the sun finally came out and we were able to enjoy an evening out in our yard. When blowing bubbles and watching the pinwheel got old I said "hey do we have any outdoor toys in the garage?" After several minutes Brian comes running out with this car, which is probably intended for a child much old than finley. We took her for a spin around the yard, but she wasn't sure what to think about. Brian and I sure got a chuckle out if it though. Then Brian got a bright idea and he wanted to see if he could fit in it. Long story short..he can. It was quite hilrious, and even more hilarious to watch him squeeze out if it. As if the wheels weren't wonky enough before!

After the car fiasco, we decided to have a gymnastics competition. Brian is actually pretty good for being the world's most inflexible person. Mysteriously, the video of me was deleted while he was looking through the photos on the camera. I think he was just intimidated by my straight lines and flawless landing.


So, now that Finley is a whoppin 8 months old I thought I'd share some of her new talents and quirks.

-learned to clap
-made it through a whole church service in the nursery with no crying!!!
-loves to crawl straight to the bathroom on a hunt for her favorite bath toys
-can walk while holding onto the couch
-leans in for kisses
-has become extremely cuddly
-loves to play with paper
-loves to eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, especially if its mixed with mama's homemade yogurt
-is a real terror on the changing table
-has taken to waking up quite early in the morning
-gets super excited when papa walks in the door at night
-she loves to have her face cleaned after eating-no joke
-loves to stand up at the t.v. stand and play with all the buttons
-is staying up for much longer periods of time
-is phasing out of her evening nap-unfortunately now dinner is not nearly as easy to prepare!
-said goodbye to the green hospital binky and now prefers a much prettier one in my opinion
-loves playing peek-a-boo behind her blanket

Anywho, thats the happenings with our little bon bon. This age is so much fun (aren't they all) and she certainly keeps us on our toes!

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