finley is a climber! yeah, you read that right...

Grandpa brought over Finley's little climbing cube-outdoor toy-thingy this morning and boy is it a hit. It turns out Finley had a undiscovered talent. SHE CAN CLIMB! She took off and crawled her way up the slide 3 times. I couldn't believe it. Okay, okay...so the slide is only like two feet long. But still, I was very proud. She even seemed to get that she shouldn't go near the drop off. What a fun toy, and to think it only cost $5 from a garage sale! Can't beat that with a stick!


Anonymous said...

No surprise to me that Finley can climb. I'm just waiting to see if she can dance as good as her mamma! I started a blog but I can't figure out how to post a comment using my account? I just tried to publish this with my blogger account but it's telling me I'm doing it wrong? Any suggestions?
~meghan beck

Meghan Elaine said...

Oh, I did it! I didn't realize I actually had to be signed in before I left the comment...er, I'm learning.