anger is so unattractive!!!

Earlier today I was cruising around Target with Finley in the cart. I was singing a song to Finley while she clapped along. I was all the sudden snapped out of my maternal bliss when I heard someone yell, "UGGGHHH. Watch where you're going!" Now, just for the record...I did not run into the lady, nor did she have to move out of the way. Apparently I was just too close for her comfort. I just stood there completely gobsmacked. It really rattled me and I found myself feeling the same way as when I see a driver flipping someone off on the road. I'm sure part of me feels upset because i don't like when people are mean to me, but mostly I just can't believe that people are that angry. I mean, can you imagine the life that those people lead? It's a little frightening that some people are so quick to anger to such trivial things. And if that's how they treat strangers in public, I wonder how they treat people in private! It's sad, really. And it makes me want to examine my own temper. Anger can really be nasty!

On a lighter note....the hubby and I were able go out this weekend sans Finley. We went to a piano bar and had a grand ol' time celebrating a friends birthday and singing our hearts out to all the classics. It was SO SO SO refreshing to spend time with Brian and other adults. With him working round the clock we've really come to appreciate couple time. Here we are before heading out...
And here we are at about 11:00. Bedtime!

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