a lot of randomness

man, oh man we've had a great weekend. brian was around, and the weather was beautiful-what more could you ask for! finley and i kicked off the weekend with a little tea party. when she woke up from naptime we got dressed up and had delicious treats out in the sun.
i pretty much loved every single picture i took of her, and since i'm sensing this is going to be a loooong post, you can check out the rest in the online album.
this little cutie woke up to join us
friday night we were snuggling with the girls in our bed. brian got caught up in the moment and suggested that finley have a sleepover in our bed. i had other plans for the night {i.e. catching up on lots of our shows in bed} but it was a night i'll never forget that's for sure. she's never slept with us, so she was absolutely giddy. She probably told me 20 times that i was "the best mommy in the whole wide world". and despite the fact that she used my face as her pillow, it was totally worth it.
finley made me out of play dough. this is the first time she's ever made a person that actually resembles a person. don't mind the fact that i have a tail. and don't mind that it appears i'm giving the middle finger...
just being adorable

another one of brian's crazy ideas was to set up our new pool. you know, because it was hotter than 60 degrees out.
brian with his signature look
of course it was a big hit. she kept screaming, "summer is here!!!".

whew, that was a lot. can you believe we fit the zoo and church somewhere in there too?!

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queenbee said...

looks and sounds like a VERY fun weekend, and the zoo too? the tea party pics are adorable, the pools looks like it will be a lot of fun this summer!adalaide looks so sweet, those eyelashes are divine!!