bathing beauty

Finley asked to take a bath in the sink the other night. When she was younger she loved bathing in the sink. I think it was the last time that she'll be able to fit in there. I had a moment where I looked at her and was taken aback by what a "girl" she's turned into. She's grown out of the stage where she's technically a toddler but still sort of babyish. No matter how you look at her the babyness is long gone. We marvel at how fast she's grown over the last six months {physically, in terms of her behavior, the way she talks, etc}. A small part of me wishes i could just stop time with her, but mostly i'm so excited for what’s in store. I love our conversations and listening to all her amazing and hilarious thoughts. I love that she is so interested in learning {time to start some more structured learning!}. I love her imagination. And while sometimes it drives us INSANE, i love her strong will and outgoing personality.

She had a friend over yesterday {same age}. They play really well together, so I spent most of the morning down the hall from them folding laundry. Listening to their conversations was absolutely hilarious...it was like i was listening to two teenage girls gabbing.

Finley: That outfit is so cute! Is it new?
Norah: Yes. My Grandma got it for me.
Finley: Oooooh, wow. That's so nice of her. Where's it from?

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michelle said...

this post teared me up, she is growing up so fast. just looking at her compared to six months ago she has totally morphed into a little girl. cherish each day and phase, new adventures ahead! it looks like she enjoyed her bath, very cute pics