{ pictures }

These are some photos from the last month, or maybe even longer. It already seems crazy that we were just wearing tank tops! She's really into wearing these sunglasses. She asks for them all the time when "it's soooo bright! i need my gasses". Last week we made a fire, which was so bright she needed to wear her glasses.

At our very favorite park feeding the ducks.

i love this picture! such excitement.

no better sight to wake up to.

She's also gotten really into dressing up and wearing accessories. Her tutu and necklaces have become an everyday fashion statement. Luckily, she has this really cute apron so she can be just like mama when we're baking.

I must have had my camera on a weird setting, since these turned out so blurry. But the moment was just so cute I had to post them anyway. Not so much because she was wearing her daddy's work boots, but because she would not stop laughing and acting so proud of herself for being so funny. She loves to be silly and make us laugh.


michelle said...

super cute pics! I'll bet she was hysterical in daddy's work boots. I see several park pics I need to get in print, you captured her smile perfectly.

C.J. and Jen said...

Meghan, those are some SUPER cute and precious pics!