finley turns 2

Last week our little girl turned 2! On her actual birthday I asked her what she wanted to do to celebrate. She chose to go to the water park but since that's impossible, her next choice was to go to the pet store. Very exciting, I know. The mice are her very favorite. Kinda creepy, huh.
We were going out for ice cream that night, and since candles don't really work with an ice cream cone, she got a candle in her tofu.
The following weekend we got to celebrate her birthday with family and friends and lots of pink fluff.
birthday treats
the birthday girl got her own special jumbo cupcake. party favors the world's cutest banner that Hillary let us borrow-thanks! luckily i captured lots of pictures of the birthday girl before the party, because once it started i basically got nothing. she insisted on wearing her pearl necklace.
finley says, "that's my number two. my mommy maaaaaade it. it's so pretty mommy". we might leave it up a little longer. not sure who ate more treats before the party, brian or finley.
the sneaky little girl somehow managed to get her hands on these without anyone noticing. but it was so cute i let her have one.
for about 2 hours finley was the proud owner of a kitty. but, we had to send this gift back with grandma...


michelle said...

the party was awesome and you pics turned out great.some look almost professional! I can't believe finley is two, she is a wonderful person. you and brian have done an amazing job with her.

mike, hill, and isabella said...

1. mice?!
2. the second picture of the table is such a good picture. your decorations were just so cute!
3. my favorite picture is the one of her looking down at the flowers.
4. my other favorites are her with her number 2, and her when she snuck the cupcakes.
5. but really, every picture is so stinking cute!