jubilee farm

Last weekend we went out to Jubilee Farm to visit a friend to who lives and works on the farm. Even though it was FREEZING, we had the best day checking out the farm. I would totally recommend this place to anyone looking for a good pumpkin patch because there was so much to do and see (for free).
searching for the perfect pumpkin. hmmmmmm
maybe this one? or this one?
maybe i can carry this one.
i think this is it! family photo attempt 1. the best part was the hay rides from the barn to the patch. our friend was driving so we stayed on for several rides.
feeding the pigs some corn.
checking out the chickens, roosters and turkey.
family photo attempt 2
and 3.
hanging out at the barn.
going through the hay maze.
we better go that way.
photo op with "farmer ian"


mike, hill, and isabella said...

the family pictures are so adorable! i love how she's leaning into you...its just so sweet!

C.J. and Jen said...

I agree with Hillary. You always have the cutest family pics!