boca burger, anyone?

So, I just had to write about how excited I am to be meeting our neighbors. We've lived in our house for a year and a half and only met two neighbors. And both families took the initiative to come meet us, so that tells you how friendly we are. Until now. The neighborhood bible study that we are a part of has decided that since it's summer we should just throw BBQs each week and invite all the neighbors. At first I thought it sounded like a great idea because a). i like anything involving food and b). it meant that i didn't have to feel guilty about not doing to the weekly reading. But then the leader said "lets plan on bringing food for at least 50 people, maybe more." I did some quick math, thinking how expensive this little venture would be. Then I wondered how selfish it would be if we signed up for chips each week. Luckily, our wealthy friends committed to bringing the meat. Anyway, we had our first BBQ last week and it went great. We met some new people, and i took a real liking to another young couple with a baby. Perhaps, it had a little something to do with the fact that the dad looked like david beckham's twin. Point being, I had a wonderful time. Well.... this week was even better. About twice as many people came, and most of them were families with young kids! We brought a blanket for all the babies to conjure on and the moms sat around talking about usual mom stuff (what percentile is your baby in? when do you want to get pregnant again? when did he/she get teeth? yes, he bit my ta-tas too, yada yada...). I truly enjoyed meeting these people and hearing their stories. It's totally worth the $16 that we spent on brownie mix and chips. So, if you're ever in the neighborhood on a thursday night, pop on in to our backyard.

Here is the one and only picture of the night.

P.S. As i write, my dear husband is attempting to dig up the world's largest rhododendron bush (to make room for our new deck). I'm not sure what sort of craziness is going on out there. All I know is that when I tried to peek out the front door he yelled at me to get back inside. I hear chains. I hear a motor revving. I hear yelling. And now Brian is calling a neighbor for help. These BBQs really are coming in handy.

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michelle said...

The bbq's sound like fun,and a perfect way to meet/connect with all your neighbors. I hope I can come to one in August, I'll make a mound of cookies! :)