you guys.
my baby is 9 months old.
three-quarters of a year.
how is this possible?

she is on the go and into everything.

her favorite place to explore is the bathroom.
 she loves to crawl in there and stand up at the tub, reaching for the bath toys.
taking a bath is her favorite activity.
she squeals, and laughs, and splashes a ridiculous amount of water out of the tub.
but, i kinda don't care because it's so cute to watch.

she pulls herself up, and walks along furniture.

she is the best eater.
she loves sitting at the table eating finger foods {cheerios and tofu are her favorite}.

she has her four front teeth and a couple more on the way.
her hair is starting to curl a little, which is really exciting because i really
want one of our girls to get the adorable curls brian had when he was little.

she is very attached to her blankie.

brian likes to think that she's a 'daddy's girl'.

her whole face crinkles when she smiles.

i am slightly jealous of her eyelashes.
strangers comment on them a lot. they also call her boy a lot.

we love her so much and can't believe how fast 9 months has flown by!


mimi said...

these pics are amazing. You really captured her at her most precious, I can't even pic a favorite! Maybe it's the crinkly smile, if I had to choose. She is so beautiful, sweet and too precious for words.

Jen said...

Oh man, cute doesn't even begin to describe her!