proud parents

this is a video of finley telling the christmas story. it's a little shaky at first, and i think adalaide is pooping in the background, but stick with it. she's the cutest!

if you're in google reader, you may have to come to my page for the video to work.


finley recently started writing her name. i wish i could take credit for teaching her how to do it...she just busted it out all her own. yes it's backwards, but from what i remember from my teaching days, this is pretty normal for beginners.

also, i just have to share this story. i recently went to a new moms group at brian's family's church. i took finley down to the childcare and dropped her off with two adults she's never met. while i was signing her in, the man told me that the 2, 3, and 4 year olds would be going upstairs to perform in front of the women's christmas party. i immediately got anxious because i know how shy finley gets in front of strangers, let alone hundreds of people. she's never been on stage before or in any kind of performance, so i was sort of nervous how she was going to react. later on when the kids came on stage i made my way to the front. she looked nervous, but she gave me a big wave. she didn't know the first song, but they handed out bells for the 2nd song {she loves instruments} and this time she knew the words. Up on that huge stage, surrounded by little kids she's never met, she carefully rang her bell in sync with the instructor, and she BUSTED OUT THE WORDS TO JINLGE BELLS. i cried. i tried not to cry too hard, but i was so proud of her. and she was so proud of herself. on our drive home she had me call daddy, and both grandmas to tell them that she 'went on stage'.


mimi said...

AMAZING! every aspect of this post... the video, her name, the drawing and the story of her first performance. I can not believe it, and how grown up she is getting. she is such blessing to our family and brings us so much joy, laughter and love. I am so proud of her. she is quite the little girl.

Jen said...

This is, officially, your best post over. That little girl is adorable, and the story was amazing!!!! I think you'll look back on this in a few years and shed a lot of tears. SOOOOOO sweet!

hillary said...

you are a really good mom.

Grandma said...

I agree with Hillary....you are a really good Mom, Meghan! The video was one of those times that brought the Christmas story back to life in a new way! To think that the birth of our Savior and coming King can be understood, believed and told by a three year old! Finley is special...may her heart always stay in tuned to Jesus.