the reason you dedicate a baby, not a toddler...

all kidding aside...

it was really important to us, to stand before our families and church community

and dedicate the girls to our Heavenly Father.

I wasn't raised a Christian.

So teaching my children about God is something I'm learning as I go.

I don't know all the words to every praise song.

I still learn new things when i read Finley's children's bible.

but even so, my daughter is already loving God.

She initiates praying.

She loves to read her bible.

and she asks questions that absolutely amaze me.

We're not promising to be perfect parents {far from it!!}

or know the answer to every question.

But we are promising to do our best

to raise our children to love Jesus,

and to follow His teachings.

thankfully we aren't asked to do it alone.

we have the most amazing families,

the best church community,

and the most awesome kids ministry {shout out katey!}

Finley has been counting down the days until her third birthday,

because then she gets to go to the big kid room at church


I remember picking her up from the nursery as a baby.

They told us, "that girl is going to be a CEO or something.

She really knows what she wants and goes for it!"

the first time we picked up adalaide, they gushed on and on

about what a "sweet spirit" she has and how laid back she was.

it makes me laugh, because they have our kids figured out pretty well.

i know this is a photo overload, but i loved all of these.

none of my pictures from the service turned out.

thankfully our good friend photographed the event,

so lets hope he got something good, tantrum and all :)


michelle said...

those pic are absolutely beautiful. you and brian have done such an amazing job with your children. finley sings her praise songs so beautifully and is so thoughtful with her prayers. how amazing is it that the people in the church nursery figured your girls out so well and so quickly, they are spot on!! it was a beautiful day and you captured the little angels beautifully!

mike and hillary said...

"i dont know all the words to every praise song"...you dont know all the words to ANY song! p.s. your girls are amazingly cute.

mike and hillary said...

was that mean? it was supposed to be funny. hope i didnt hurt your feelings!

brian, meghan, finley, and adalaide said...

oh hillary. not mean at all. in fact i thought of you, and KNEW you'd be thinking that as i typed it! ps. i still don't know if it's "boots with fur" or "boots with the spurs".

Meghan Elaine said...

I love your heart for your family. Your girls are beautiful. As always, I love seeing your pictures. You are SUCH a good photographer.