i feel the need to mention:

:: adalaide weighs T.W.E.N.T.Y pounds. that puts her in the 95% for weight, and she is off the charts for height. i was wondering why i was having such difficulty hoisting her carrier around. now i know. and now we leave it in the car.

:: we are moving! within the next month we'll be packin' up our house, getting renters in here, and moving into one of my parents properties. my mom and dad are giving us a great family discount, so that we can maximize our saving and speed up the building process {cause we're crazy and paying cash for everything-ahhh}. the house is much smaller than ours, and it's...shall we say..  a "vintage" home. but we don't care. we are so very excited to be in our ideal location...close to family, friends, cousins, and good schools! thanks so much mom and dad!!

:: finley will be having a birthday next month. she has requested a "farm party" so we'll be giving her just that. since we have a lot on our plates next month, we'll be keeping it small and simple. but, i couldn't resist putting together an invitation. i'm still learning how to use photoshop, but i'm loving that it can be used for things other than photo editing. here's her invitation, front and back.

now that i look at it, i'm slightly worried that brown and yellow looks a little poopy. oh well.

and finally...

:: i've been telling brian that i feel twice as pregnant as i actually am. i'm getting up at night to pee, my organs {?} feel like they're already migrating around, and despite my best efforts my stomach is definitely protruding. turns out my uterus "is like a snow plow on a mission, pushing everything out of way"-my midwife's words. i've been warned that i will "probably look and feel like i'm carrying multiples "!!! {you know, because it's my third pregnancy, and because my body hasn't had a lot of time to recover from no. 2} didn't want to hear that. not one bit. maybe she'll be wrong. probably not, but maybe.

that's all for now!


mike and hillary said...

SUCH a cute invite...love the colors, not poopy at all! and i've been waiting for more finley quotes! she's so funny. gaga lady bug. too cute. i'm going to need the new address to map quest it and see how far apart we'll be now.

michelle said...

i feel the need to mention....the invite is very cute, you are so talented. adalaide just seem to be that big to me but then i am not hoisting her around like you are. we weren't given stats like % when you were a baby, such fun and interesting information. That red robing quote is priceless, she's a pip for sure!!But most of all i am so EXCITED for your upcoming move. i can't wait.

Lindsey said...

I love the invite Meg. And it looks like Ada is following Bubba's footsteps. what a perfect pair they will be!