pictures with mommy

Looking through photo albums, i realized that i have TONS of pictures with my first baby and approximately two with little adalaide. so.... we took some pictures together this weekend. they definitely look "jcpenny-ish" but, it's better than nothing.
Finley spent the weekend out with Mimi. Of course we missed her very much, but i did enjoy how quiet and clean our house was. I had all sorts of plans for how I would relax while she was away, but instead I spent hours cleaning. Shocking, i know. There was just something so rewarding about cleaning and knowing that it would stay that way, at least for a little while. I thoroughly enjoyed the extra snuggle time with adalaide, and we made a significant dent in our dvr'd shows. thanks mom!
We ended the weekend at one of our favorite parks. We had just planned on playing at the park, but Finley noticed that the sprinkler park was up and running for the first time this season. She has looked forward to this all year and talks about the water park all the time. We hadn't brought a swimsuit so she rolled up her jeans and her sleeves, and what started out as getting her toes wet quickly turned into full on running through the sprinklers. She ran around squealing and chasing the other kids, pretty much having more fun that i have ever seen her have.  It was the perfect end to our holiday weekend.

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michelle said...

i love the pics! and they are not jcpennyish!!