Are you ready for a really long-winded tour of our Christmas celebrations? Okay, here we go...
This year i wanted to switch things up with the "color scheme" of our tree, but we didn't want to spend money on new decorations, so we used all sorts of white/silver things that we found around the house. I really liked how pretty and sparkly it turned out. Here's my attempt at making a flower out of scraps of fabric i had laying around. why do other people make it look so easy? And who needs to buy wrapping paper and ribbon when you have rolls of butcher paper for art and twine?
Speaking of money....
Brian and I had decided that we were NOT under any circumstance exchanging gifts with each other. Our new downstairs was going to be our gift to each other. So, you can imagine my surprise when the night before xmas eve finley handed me a big box, covered with brown industrial paper and blue painter's tape. Brian got me a new camera!! I was so shocked and delighted {and also slightly intimidated by all the buttons and features}.
It was love at first sight when I took my first picture...
Unfortunately, all I had for Brian was a batch of his favorite cookies. But, he was happy.
We had made food for Santa's reindeer {oatmeal, sugar, and red and green sprinkles} so on xmas eve we went outside to throw it on the lawn. Later that night we had lots of fun hanging out at Brian's dad's.
Finley loves her cousin Maya soooooo much. I love watching them play together.
Instead of spending Christmas morning at my parent's house, we decided that it made more sense for them to come over to our place. We got to wake up and have time with just the three of us, and then they came over for brunch. This was probably the best decision we've ever made. Seriously, it was sooooo much more relaxing! Thanks, mom and dad for embracing a new tradition! That afternoon we went over to spend time with Brian's family. More yummy food and lots and lots of laughing. My sissy and I are so excited to be pregnant together and looking forward to having babies a few weeks apart. And here's the cutest thing that I've ever laid eyes on. It makes my heart so happy to see that in some part of her little, two year old heart, she understands that Christmas is about "baby jesus".
Hope you had a very merry christmas too!


queenbee said...

Wow the new camera takes awesome pics! Christmas brunch was fun, you are a great hostess. I love all the pics but Finley sleeping with Jesus, Mary and Joseph is too cute for words.

C.J. and Jen said...

Adorable pics. And the last one of Finely....priceless!