lake chelan

My friend, Lindsey and I took our babies over to Lake Chelan for the weekend. Mimi came over for a few days too. We weren't expecting sunshine so that was a VERY nice surprise. By some sort of miracle we were able to get both babies on almost the same nap schedule which meant we were able to do lots of fun stuff in between sleeping. You know, during that huge 2 hour period. We took them to the neighborhood pool and Finley wasn't too sure how she felt about the water temperature. The babies also experienced the beach for the first time. Logan pulled at least half the beach on his lap and Finley just motored around the sand as if she was none the wiser to the grainy substance underneath her. However, she perked up when I dipped her toes in the lake...and by "perk up" I mean that she started crying immediately. Maybe the lake will warm up by our next trip over..but thats doubtful. More pics are in the 7 month album!

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nice polka dot suit!!