happy mother's day

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms and Mom-to-be! I sure had a great weekend celebrating my first mother's day. On Saturday we went out to dinner. Mimi came over with the intent of being on night duty so that Brian and I could sleep downstairs in our guest bedroom and enjoy a night of uninterrupted sleep. Turns out, Finley has a set of pipes and I could still hear her despite being on a different floor and opposite end of the house. It was the thought that counts though...thanks Mimi. Bright and early Sunday morning we had an infant dedication class (which is June 1st at 11 if anyone wants to come). Afterwards we stuck around for church and PTL we had more success in the nursery! Then we were off to celebrate with Brian's family. We had a pizza making competition, boys vs. girls. I'm sad to say that the boy's "woo your woman" pizza won by a landslide. We topped off the night by having sundae's with Mimi and Grandpa. As usual, it was a very busy weekend...but oh so much fun. And as a gift to Mama, Finley decided to sleep through the night without making a single peep-the best gift of all!

Check out more pics in the Mother's Day album..


Anonymous said...

I LOVE you and your Finley. Hill told me you had a baby blog, and...well... maybe I look at it all the time. God has blessed you with a BEAUTIFUL baby girl and I love a little glimpse into your world. Keep posting, I love your Finley and hearing about motherhood. You are an incredible mother Megs! Am I crazy or is Finley the HAPPIEST baby alive???? ~meghan beck (maxwell)...remember me?

brian & meghan said...

meghan,thanks! it's so great to hear from you. i look forward to catching up when you come and visit isabella...can she come already?!meghan