crawling, swinging, and swimming

Quite a bit has happened in the world of Finley over the last week. Friday, she officially became a crawler. It's so precious to watch. But, is she satisfied now that she can motor around the room, you might ask. No. Now she wants to stand all the time. She is so impatient...I wonder where she got that from... She also went for a ride in a swing for the first time at the park. She had lots of fun, but I think she enjoyed watching other people swing even more. The other exciting event of the weekend was that she went swimming. On Friday she played in a little pool with her buddy Logan. It's a shame she can't wear her swimsuit around all the time because it is the cutest thing EVER! Saturday we took her swimming at the Bellevue Aquatic Center (thats right, we were at in indoor pool on such a gorgeous day). I am VERY bummed because a certain someone (Mimi) forbid me from bringing my camera near the water, so we got a disposable water camera for the memorable occasion. Long story short, the camera was a piece of junk and all the pictures turned out very dark. Oh well. If they had turned out and I was able to post them you would see many pictures of Finley smiling and laughing and having a grand ol' time in the pool. So glad she likes the water, as we will be on vacation this weekend and definitely spending lots of time in the water. Check out the rest of pics in the album...

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