Update on Finley

Finley's loves:

-her "Mr. sun" toy-upon inspection we realized he is wearing lipstick and blush-oh well
-kissing mama and papa's face
-biting fingers
-pulling hair (even a bun doesn't provide protection)
-chewing on books
-talking (happy screaming)
-dancing to the beatles
-sleeping swaddled-do they make swaddle blankets for 2 year olds??
-getting a hold of adult things, ie cell phones, remotes, camera, etc..
-falling asleep to her artificial noise maker set to rain
-her sleeping wedge-which she has already outgrown if I'm being honest!
-playing with her new bath toys
-being sung to
-when Papa walks in the door
-her special blanket
-going to church and listening to Mama and Papa sing songs

Finley does NOT love:

-taking her medicine
-the bright sunshine-is she a vampire?
-wearing socks
-when strangers hold her
-when her nap is postponed/too short- WATCH OUT!
-when Mama takes a shower-I've resorted to taking one with the curtain open so she can see me

Finley and Mr. Sun
In her wedge (a month ago).
Kissing Papa and pulling his hair
Enjoying her bath toys.

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michelle said...

what a sweet blog entry!! I laughed and yes, even teared up...she is too precious for words~