the ballet

This weekend my father-in-law took all the girls to see A Midsummer Night's Dream at the PNB. A family friend dances for the company (as a fairy) so we got a behind the scenes peak at what it's like to be in the ballet. We were all in awe as we stood up on stage and checked out all the ornate costumes. The set, the costumes, the dancing...it was all so whimsical. My niece had on her special dress with her fairy wings and she stood in the aisle doing twirls-She stole the show during intermission. I left there feeling child-like...and also very inflexible.
Also, there is a wall backstage that all of the performers sign. It has all types of celebrity signatures on it. I touched the wall where John Mayer signed his name-how exciting. And I laughed when I saw this:
Dan Rather
me, jessika (the fairy), ally, and sandra
mom, jessika, larry, and maya
sisters in matching coats-how embarrassing
the fam

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