half a year already..sniff sniff

Every now and then I look back through the photos from Finley's birth. I tear up every time because a) I can't believe how much I love her, and b) it seems like time is going SOOO fast. Yesterday Finley turned 6 months old!!! She got another round of shots and did great with them-cried for a few seconds and then smiled at the nurses. It turns out that the "diet" she went on last week resulted in her losing a little weight, but the doctor wasn't worried because she is eating more and having wet diapers again! So here's her stats:

Height: 27.5 inches-97th %
Weight: 16.9 lbs-64th %
Head: I forget, but its the 75th %
The crinkly paper entertained her during the wait.
She's had enough kisses from mama.

Six month olds don't lay down for checkups anymore!

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