the latest

:: we've spent lots of time hanging at home-baking, organizing baby stuff, and relaxing

:: brian has been working 6 or 7 days a week in preparation for slowing down in april. i don't like it. not one bit.

:: adalaide is OBSESSED with her doll. she lays on it, kisses it, and pokes the eyes. it's quite cute, but also slightly worrisome as i'll never be able to leave her and the baby in the same room alone.

:: adalaide is saying "dada" {first official word} "mama" and "nigh-night"

:: after 3 1/2 years finley watched her first real movie-the little mermaid. she is hooked!

:: i'm starting to get a little nervous about adding another baby into the mix. we always assumed adalaide would be walking by the time the baby came, and since she most likely won't be i'm wondering what life will be like with two babies on my hip. there are moments {like at fred meyer when i have to pee while holding ada, while swatting away finley's hand before she sticks it in the sanitary disposal thing, while pulling up my maternity jeans with one hand} that i seriously think, oh man what's it gonna be like with 3! I know we'll just make it work, and pretty soon i won't know any different. But i know it's going to be a big adjustment, and i'm a little nervous.

that being said,

:: I am so stinkin' excited to meet this baby. i snuggled a tiny newborn last night and it made it so real/exciting that we'll be holding our own girl in a few weeks. i cannot wait.

:: also, in case you are wondering why my head is cut off in all my photos, it's not me trying to be artistic. it's very tricky to take a picture with the self timer. perhaps i need to solicit my husband for help next time...


mimi said...

what a beautiful post! I cant' wait to meet baby. It will be a bit hard until miss ada start walking but you have lots of help know that you are closer. you look so tiny in this pic, like you have a couple of months to go!! love the look of wonder and amazement on finley's face, cute sun dress too. little mermaid....makes me sentimental, glad she enjoyed it. now lets see some pics of adalaide and her baby doll.

Grandma said...

Well- if anyone can haul around 3 girls- it's you Meghan!! Isn't it amazing how each baby is so special. As God weaves them in your womb- you feel His mighty, creative hand. You sense the life He infuses into each of them for the purpose of knowing Him and living for Him. What a privlege it is to be a mommy!

Kate Vermeulen said...

You're one hot mama! And three kids, come on, you can totally do it!