since i'm terrible at keeping up on baby books, this blog has become the place to do it.


our little adalaide learned to crawl at 7 months.

she is freakishly fast. i'll leave her for half a minute and find her in a completely different room.

at  7 1/2 months she figured out how to go from laying to sitting.

 now she's working on pulling herself up. she can get up onto to her knees, so we had to lower the crib.

lowering her crib got me wondering how i'll be able to get her out when it's all the way down and

i have a huge belly. i think i may need a stool of sorts.

adalaide is pretty quiet and laid back.  more than one person has jokingly asked if she has vocal cords.

i'm happy to report that yes, in fact she does. she has figured out how to squeal and  if she wants something

that she can't quite reach she makes this growling sound. it's cute/fun to see her personality unfold.

once adalaide was able to sit, it seemed like the gap between her and  finley  lessened pretty quickly.

obviously, they're not really playing together, but sometimes they kind of are.

and now that adalaide can crawl after her sister's toys {which of course are MUCH more interesting than baby toys}

finley is learning the art of sharing with a sibling.

and a funny side note: finley is so repulsed by the smell of adalaide's formula drool,

she runs into the bathroom to rinse off any toy that adalaide puts in her mouth.

i don't really blame her. it's nasty.

 finley just had her 3 year check up, and is as healthy as can be.

31 1/2 lbs {25-50 %}

37 inches tall {50%}

finley's current interests: singing/dancing, dress up, playing outside, tea parties, caillou,

baking, board games, art, and needing to know everyone's middle name {like, even the lady in the target fitting room}.

also, she loves to reminisce. nearly every sentence starts with remember.

"remember when i was a little girl and we went there?"

"remember when i was five and i did that?"

"remember when i _____ when i was a baby?"

"remember when i was a boy...?"

{still confused about that one} 

i've gone on and on about her feisty, silly side that loves making people laugh, and also gets her into a fair bit of trouble.

but she's also the most loving girl. i'll leave you with this moment we had that i don't ever want to forget...

i was tucking her, and we laid in the dark for a few minutes.

after a while she asked, "do you want to hold hands?"

so we did for a few minutes.

then i felt her move some hair off my face and she kissed my cheek and said,

"you are so beautiful, mommy."

{it was pitch black, but it's the thought that counts}

and then she reached for my hand again and said, "i love you mommy. you are the best mommy."

aw. i'm tearing up right now.

 i'll hold onto this memory for the next time she decides to cover her body head to toe in hand soap,

or for tonight at dinnertime when she switches chairs at least 20 times.

do they make toddler high chairs? i got off track.

we love her. and we love her big heart.  here's to 3 being the best year yet!


mimi said...

The girls so cute in matching hats! The leaves are awesome, what a nice backdrop to your photos. Finley's big heart makes her so special and her gratefulness. She says thank you for EVERYTHING. Seeing Adalaide crawl after her sister makes my heart so happy, the bond between sisters is beautiful.

Meghan Beck said...

So funny that Finley asks people's middle names! Isn't it fun matching your kids? I used to always match their colors when they were itty. Now it's a miracle if they don't change outfits three times before lunch.

Meghan Beck said...

p.s. I love seeing pictures of you with the girls. I have been trying to get in some with my kids as well. As I've always heard Moms say, the kids like to see pictures of you with them as they grow.

Lindsey said...

Um I am curious as to why the story about bubba at the water park didn't make it onto the remember when? Thats the best remember when story ever!