girls video


queenbee said...

oh my goodness this whole video is so precious! i love it, i cried and then watched it again. they are so amazing!

Meghan Elaine said...

I thought the tea party was going to be my favorite part...then came the Taylor Swift sing a long. SO CUTE! She is the smartest girl.

emily said...

tears ... you will cherish this forever! Makes me wish i had a video camera.

mike and hillary said...

so many things to say:
1. finley walking around in her romper with her arms like that. isa does the same thing and i think it is so cute.
2. love that romper.
3. so funny when she's getting surrounded by the ducks.
4. adalaide crawls! cutest ever.
5. loved that finley said "thank you" when you told her her singing was pretty.
6. you even make a tea party for a baby and toddler look cute!
7. THANK YOU for the video of her singing taylor. she knows every word!
8. i love brian.

Crystal said...

Michelle i must take after you a whole lot because I cried when i watched it too!!