huntington beach

We just got home from a delightful trip to the beach. The weekend we arrived there the US Open surfing competition was going on. I wish I'd taken some pictures of the event because it was like nothing I've ever seen. We heard 500,000+ people turned out, which is quite a lot of people on one little stretch of beach.

I took a ridiculous amount of pictures, and I've had a lot of trouble trying to pick my favorites. Some are just photos I like, and some are memories that are just special to me.

Like my girls in matching jammers.

One night we took a trip to Balboa, which is a family tradition for Brian's family. 

 We had dinner out on the pier at Ruby's, and got to watch a beautiful sunset.

This was Finley's first time on a "ride". She wasn't too keen on it at first.

 She told me that the "horsies were mad at her".

our little beach baby was happy as a clam to chill under an umbrella

because the waves break twice, it is the perfect place for little ones to frolic around safely.

brian and i celebrated our 4 year anniversary while we were there.

we went on a date that i will never forget :) i love you, babe!

we got up early one morning and went to a beach in newport that is a popular spot for body surfers.

the waves get huge and break right at the shore, so surfing isn't allowed.

brian was the only one there without a wetsuit on, which was C-R-A-Z-Y

considering the sun wasn't even out yet.

finley absolutely loved playing in the sand.

building castles, being buried, and looking for shells kept her busy for hours.

she fit right in with the local girls with her roxy romper, boots, and sunglasses.

thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to brian's family for hosting us,

and especially to his grandma for giving us her bed.

i'll post the rest of our photos {yes, there's more} someday soon in the online album.

and now i better get back to the hugest pile of laundry you've ever seen.

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michelle said...

the pics sure turned out great. i LOVE the one of finley in her romper and boots, she looks like a model!! alalaide was looks so sweet and cozy all wrapped up in the towel, she was such a god baby. finley in her boots was the best, she certainly got the comments!! it was a great trip.