We had the BEST time on our vacation. We started the trip with our friends, the Hage's, and then we had some time with just our family, and we finished off the vacation with my family. It was beyond wonderful for us to have so much time together... just relaxing, no connection to the outside world {except for when we tuned in to watch the bachelorette, of course}.

what fireworks? they had too much fun playing in the back of the car.

the little burger shack has the most amazing strawberry ice cream.

i may have indulged in it once or twice...or four times.

the girls loved the water! it took finley a little while to work up the nerve to swim on her own.

once she did, we couldn't keep her away from the water.

pretty good self-timer shot, if i do say so

i love how pale the baby stayed. i was a sunscreen psycho!

adalaide was so easy going. she napped at the beach, poolside, in the car, and in the stroller.

our big girl went down the water slides all by herself. she was quite proud!

finley wanted to wear this dress the entire trip. i drew the line when she suggested sleeping in it.

i'm not a huge fan of purple, but i might become one. i love the way adalaide's skin/eyes look in this outfit!

waiting for her turn on the jet ski

tuckered out on the way home

here's a few videos, and you can check out some more pictures in the online album.

can't get enough of this laugh!

finley on the water slide

finley swimming


mike and hillary said...

oh my word oh my word. you have some cuuuuute girls. and my mouth dropped when i scrolled down to the first one of finley with her hair mostly down. she looks JUST LIKE YOU. crazy.

michelle said...

what an awesome post!! the pics are to die for. finley looks so grown up and the half pony tail hair pulled up... oh my she looks like a princess or a pageant girl, which ever is prettier. great job with the pics

emily said...

that photo of finley in her water wings looking out at the water is a 'to frame' for sure. So sweet. What are you editing your photos with? They look amazing. Or maybe it is just you mad photography skills. Anyway, you do a great job and I want your secrets!

Meghan Elaine said...

Your girls are so precious. I love your family photo and I second what everyone says, your pictures are so beautiful. You have such a good eye and I LOVE the coloring.