our little ballerina

this week we had the pleasure of watching our friend's daughters perform in a dance production. Unlike the "dancing" i did as a kid, they are the real deal. Sissy and elena are very talented and watching them was such a treat. is it just me that thinks dancers are just so cool? finley was totally mesmerized by all the dancers and their pretty costumes. she clapped along with the audience and yelled out "sissy!" and "elena!" when they were on stage. after it was over she put on her own show in the lobby...always such an entertainer.
finally an excuse to wear her tutu out of the house
elena and finley. how did we not get one with sydney?!


mike, hill, and isabella said...

"ballerinas are silent." that was my favortie part. that tutu is AMAZING. as always, she's so cute!

michelle said...

What Hillary said!!! Silent, too funny. Great idea wearing the tutu to the performance, and I LOVE the hair. She looks like Cindy Lou Who.