{ june }

i swear that time flies by even faster when the weather is nice. is it seriously halfway through june? we've been spending every chance we get out in the yard, at the beach (i use that term liberally) or at the toddler water park by our house (which i'll save for another post). finley is in her element when she's playing outside...climbing, exploring, anything involving water, looking for flowers and animals, and especially the freedom to be as loud as she wants (which is really loud, trust me). and in my humble opinion, the best thing about being in the great outdoors is that the tantrums and timeouts are almost non-existent. there are no battles over sitting nicely in the shopping cart. no exhaustive conversations about sharing. aside from 1 or 2 boundaries involving safety she is free to do whatever she chooses. she loves it. we love it. everybody is happy.


Johnny & Carly said...

my kids have discovered that costco hummus and love it too (even Will, Mr. Picky himself).
Where is there a water park? You live on the southend right? Hopefully it's close to us, too. Crossroads Water Park is a little far.

Meghan Elaine said...

Ella needs one of those headbands. Did you make it? So cute!

michelle said...

The beach pics are my favorite, the one with her and Tucker is priceless!