Here are some photos from the last month or so. It's no easy feat to take a decent picture of her now that she is on the go all the time.

After coming out of the bathroom I panicked when I couldn't find her, and then I found this. She even has her hand on the mouse! This told me that perhaps I spend a liiiiittle too much time on the internet.

First time wearing pigtails. I love it!

This is what happens when we run on the concrete without holding onto mama's hand. it's sort of hard to see but she scraped her mouth and nose :(


C.J. and Jen said...

Meghan, she is getting SOOOO big! Thanks for the update. It's so fun to see her grow from a distance!

mike, hill, and isabella said...

the pigtails are soooo cute, but make her look WAY too old! oh my gosh, she's just so big, i can't belive how fast it goes. clearly, we need to have play dates more often. (and again, how the heck are people so dumb to think she looks like a boy? i just don't see it at all!)

michelle said...

I agree completely with Hillary, she never has, nor could she ever look like a boy! The pig tails are the cutest thing ever~