i'm too tired to think of a title.

I don't typically like to complain on our blog, or write about negative things. But I just have to document this as the worst week EVER! Half of Brian's family came down with a 24-hour bug after our early Thanksgiving celebration so I figured that's what Finley had. Oh no. We should be so lucky! We had some super strand virus ( vomiting, fever, runny nose, sore throat, earaches and cough).
It was manageable for the first few days while only Finley was sick, but then when I got it, things went south fast. In short, there was: lots of puking, many loads of laundry, sleepless nights on the couch, numb arms from holding a baby for 5 days straight, lots of tears-from both of us, lots of pouting about all the fun plans that we had to miss out on (especially Thanksgiving dinner!), a trip to the doctor, over a pound lost in 4 days-not by me:( , many pathetic phone calls to Brian begging him to come home, and hours and hours spent watching baby mozart. Whew. I can't imagine having multiple sick kids. How does Kate Gosselin do it? Anyway, Finley is feeling better, and as I type she is napping in her own bed! Hooray. Okay, pity party over. I guess I better go and shower for the first time in (I'm not telling) how many days...
Here are some pictures from the last few weeks, and there's more in the 13 month album.visiting pops

at our favorite park-a few minutes later a bird pooped on my head.

My first ever pie. Pops said, and I quote, "now that's a pumpkin pie!"

Cousins holding hands, at our early Thanksgiving celebration.

Having fun with her favorite friends...her pumpkins.

One of her happier moments in the stroller with Isabella. The girl does not like to be confined.

Sick, on the couch. None the wiser that I twisted out from underneath her.

I knew she was feeling better when she got up from the couch for a little dance with with the animals.


C.J. and Jen said...

Doesn't it stink that you can't call in sick as a mom! Taking care of a sick baby is SO consuming...and to be sick yourself makes it about 2 million times harder. Sorry to hear about all of that. Hopefully you'll all be back to normal soon to enjoy this fun month!

Johnny & Carly said...

Oh, man. That is the absolute worst.

george, danielle and kingston said...

Seriously...that sounds horrible. I think I would die. But really? Does your pumpkin pie have leaves as the crust? That's amazing...

Sarah Jean said...

Aww, you poor thing! I'm SO sorry you got so sick! Good thing we weren't there, that would have probably just added to Mikaelyn's pneumonia! I'm glad you're feeling better and Finley is looking as strong and beautiful as ever! Welcome to the joys of Motherhood...nobody ever tells you about this kind of crap!! :o) Miss you!!