We had such a delightful time celebrating Christmas with our families. However, for some reason I really slacked in the photo department. I managed to leave Brian's dad's without a single picture! So, if you will, just imagine us all sitting around the table with our plates piled high with the best curry EVER. Oh, and I wish I would have taken a picture of Finley and her cousin Gage playing in the bathtub with uncle Jeff. I managed to get a few, although not great, pictures from Christmas at my parents. Our dinner plans for the day were canceled because of the snow, so we were able to stay in our jammies all day! Since Finley is too young to have any wants, and too spoiled to have any needs, we basically just wrapped some random stuff (prunes, oatmeal) so that she could have presents to open. Ok, that's a lie. We gave her a potty which we justified buying because she is going to need it sometime in the next year, and a bird feeder. Don't laugh. The bird feeder is a huge hit. We sit on our bench several times a day and watch the birds and squirrels eat the food. The squirrels do all sorts of gymnastic moves to dangle themselves at the feeder hole. Trust me, it's exciting. Finley is wearing her new tutu from Mimi. And that's a blanket Mimi made for her (notice the strawberries)
Papa isn't so thrilled that we're training Finley to be a shopper. But it's okay, she's more into the box.. Taking a moment to praise the Lord.
Since Brian's family is ginormous (and his mom is super selfless) we celebrate Christmas on a different day. This was the first year that all the kids and spouses have been there, and boy was it fun! I married into the best family!
Grandma made Finley and Maya matching jammies. You can't see it, but Finley's have a little kitty bobbly thing on them (since she loves kitties) and the cutest little ruffles at the bottom. And Gage...well, I guess he's just being a boy. Grandma and Finley playing upstairs.
Every year the boys exchange gifts from Value Village. Little do they know, Brian actually likes his shirt and wore it the next day. Maya is such a good big cousin. Can you guys move back here already?

And here is a little Christmas gift from us to you..


mike and hillary said...

i'm pretty glad you DIDN'T get a picture of jeff in the tub with the kids. awkward!

isabella and i really enjoyed watching finley's dancing. especially isabella!

and i'm so happy you got a picture of her praising the Lord. i've told everyone. and i can't wait to train isabella. forget "SO BIG."

Anon said...

love the moment of praise. ethan speaks in tongues. what can i say?