happy two year anniversary!!!

Today is our two year anniversary. I could say that it feels like just yesterday that we got married, but that would be a lie. I always joke that it feels like we've been married for 10 years. And I don't mean that in a bad way at all, quite the opposite in fact. When I think back over the last two years it feels like we have come so far, grown up so much, gotten to know each other so much better, learned so much about our own depravity, and learned how to love more selflessly (still working on that, and probably always will be). We've gone from a young, free, dual income family of two, to a slightly older, settled, single income family of three. We've experienced the miracle of Finley's birth, the physical and emotional fatigue of meeting a newborns demanding needs, and the complete joy that we've found in loving and raising our daughter that words absolutely cannot describe. Yes, we have definitely learned a lot about our love for each other and Christ's love for us. I am incredibly lucky to have you as my husband, Brian. I look forward to conquering the years ahead with the same humor, feistiness, joy, and commitment that's gotten us to where we are. I love you, bobi bear!


michelle said...

You made me cry! Happy Anniversary~

Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations. What a busy 2 years you've had!