the aquarium

On Sunday we had planned on taking finley to the zoo, but after checking the weather report we decided the aquarium would be the safer alternative. While nothing beats the zoo, the aquarium offered lots of fun things for finley to look at. Some of her favorites were the octopus (my favorite), the seals, and the waterfalls. Oh, and on our way to lunch we walked by a group playing some African music. We just had to stop and listen because she loves music and dancing. Her version of dancing is sort of a sitting down pelvic thrust, just so you can visualize. Fortunately, finley had her maraca with her so she could play along, too. I probably should have put out a tip jar, because she really stole the show. One of the dancers came over and told me how great it is that we're getting her into rhythm and instruments. Truth be told, the only reason Finley has gotten into instruments is because we had them in the preschool and more often than not we listen to super cheesy baby praise music. But heck, I'm not one to turn down a parenting compliment.

All in all, it was a wonderful day...great idea, Mimi! Hopefully we'll see another sunny day soon so we can make it to the zoo. Check out more pics from the day in the album.

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michelle said...

The African drummers and dancers were great! What a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.