We have so much to be thankful for this year, namely...
:: our new home
:: our health
:: brian's work
:: our families
:: our wonderful girls
:: our baby girl {and a smooth pregnancy}
:: and most importantly our Heavenly Father

This year was especially fun because finley really got into the spirit of thankfulness.
We've had many, many conversations about what each of us are grateful for.

This year she is thankful for
:: hailey
:: salami
:: for "being a princess"
:: singing
:: adalaide

hope you had a great thanksgiving as well. now on to christmas decorating!

{even though we couldn't make it all the way up the mountain to get our tree. boo.}


mimi said...

i love how finley got into the spirit of thankfulness this year. Hailey! salami!! she's a pip. the girls look beautiful in the pics. adalaide is so sweet as usual, it looks like she is nuzzling her big sister.

Jen said...

Hey there...

This is a random place to do this, but I'm wondering if you could send me your current address. I wanted to send you guys a Christmas card but realized I only have your old address. If you could email it to me, that would be awesome! Thanks!



hillary said...

are you supposed to look 5 months pregnant with your 3rd or your 1st in that picture?! you look so cute! and tiny. (i think i'm just jealous because your stomach looks skinnier than mine and my baby is almost 7 months old!). the girls are so so so adorable. and is that a new twisted fabric type of flower? it looks really pretty. can you teach me???? and i just noticed the new finley quotes. i love her.

Grandma said...

The girls look so adorable. I would love copies of those pictures!!! We join you in giving thanks to God for who He is and all that He's done. Your beautiful family is one of the top on the list!!!

Ruth said...

Your girls are so sweet. I love how you dress them, they look like they are from "time past". And you look fabulous also. Yes being thankful for the wonderful gifts God gives us. . . . especially our children!,