What a delightful Easter we had! We decorated eggs, went to a fun celebration at our church, and celebrated on Sunday with both our families together.
In the days leading up to Easter I talked with Finley about Jesus' death and resurrection. One of our conversations was so adorable i have to share:
me: ...and then He died on the cross. But, a few days later He rose from the dead. He came back, just like He promised!
finley: oh wow! that was sure nice of Him!

simply put, put oh so true!

also, this morning she said:
finley: remember the cross?
me: yes, i do.
finley: God is nice.... and ENORMOUS!

i didn't even know she knew the word enormous...

here's some photos of the festivities:

kissing cousins! jonny is 12 days older than adalaide and such a handsome little guy!


Kristi said...

I LOVE her headband! So cute....where did you find it? I'm looking for some cute headbands for my little one. Your girls are adorable!

michelle said...

Very cute pics, love the bunny ears! Glad the rain held off for the hunt.My goodness... the babies are so cute, kissing cousins!!

Meghan Elaine said...

How fun. I LOVE the kissing cousins pic.