our first project

I just sat down to upload some pictures from the last few weeks, but something went wrong and the pictures got lost. I can't find them anywhere, and they automatically delete from my camera. I've made it this far in my pregnancy without shedding a single hormonal tear, but that's all it took. There were some really cute ones!!! I'm hoping my computer savvy husband can work a miracle! So since those pics are gone, I thought I'd post a picture of one of our first home projects, and give my amazing husband a shout out!!
This area is in the hallway between the kitchen/dining room, finley's room, and the stairway to the downstairs. It used to have upper cabinets and then just an empty space below. Naturally, the space below became an area where we piled up junk. It wasn't working and it certainly wasn't cute, so we put in some lower cabinets and upper shelving and now we have a space that is so amazing. Seriously, this little space has become a lifesaver. It has our computer, mail and bill organizer, decorating stuff, extra kitchen appliances, finley's coloring stuff. you name it. and if we ever have a big party we can clear it off and use it as a buffet for serving since it's right off the dining room. i love it and i LOVE my husband for improving our house one project at a time!

**i'm hoping this post will help brian feel extra loved and appreciated as he is on the last stretch of painting our upstairs and feeling a smidge "over" these projects.