{ first trimester }

It occurred to me that since I was so diligent about documenting every little thing through my first pregnancy, I should probably jot down some tidbits about things this time around. Not that there is anything too interesting going on. But alas, here goes....

-first appt (12.5 weeks) got to hear the heartbeat and go in for an unexpected ultrasound. I can't believe how it already looks like a real baby!!

-been feeling pretty darn good. every so often i get a little fatigued, but it's not so much a sleepy kind of tired as just a lazy kind of tired.

-my only food aversion has been to my starbucks beverage. hallelujah!! it was an expensive habit that i'd been wanting to break.

-baby bump is starting to show. probably not to anyone else, but i can tell. also, i have noticed that my "baby bump" is extremely dependent on how much i eat/drink. it's definitely more prominent after a big meal, and i don't remember that from last time.

-finley's take on the baby: she gets that there is a baby in my tummy. she lifts up my shirt and kisses my stomach. she prays for the baby at night. she says "hello" to the pictures on the fridge every time she walks by. unfortunately, i think she's under the impression that she is getting both a baby brother, and a baby sister. we have referred to the baby as "your baby brother or your baby sister", and i just don't think she grasps the "or" part. hopefully we'll be able to drill that point home after we find out what we're having. which leads me to...

-we are definitely going to find out the sex, and we can hardly wait! we only have a girl name picked out right now. is it just me or are boy names harder?

-i've known since having finley that i would need to have c-sections from here on out. i've wondered if once i was pregnant i would get sad about it and wish for a vaginal delivery (sorry i just said vaginal on my blog). I'm actually pretty okay the whole thing. There are definitely some perks to a scheduled delivery, especially with a toddler in the picture. So i'm just focusing on that. Plus, maybe i won't look like hell warmed over in all our photos. See. This is me talking myself into it.

That's about all. Nothing too major. My camera has been broken for the last few weeks, but i have some pictures from my mom's visit that hopefully i'll get around to posting soon.


C.J. and Jen said...

Boy names are WAY harder. We still haven't decided on one! Glad to hear you're feeling well.

michelle said...

It amazes me how much detail that peach sized baby has! I wish you could post the ultrasound pic. Finley will be the best big sister, she is so helpful right now, I am sure she will be wanting to help with everything baby and take care of her momma too!