18 months!

Well. Finley is now a big 1 1/2 year old. This last month has been, well, an interesting one. Finley has definitely begun asserting her independence. And when you set a boundary she's not down with she'll let you know. In the form of a loud, wailing tantrum. Oh, joy.
But, oh do i love her! She is such a hilarious, loving, brilliant little child (i'm her mom, just let say that). Everyday she amazes me with the things that she's learning and piecing together all her own.
Anyway. Here are some finley facts...

Finley loves:
-playing outside
-playing with other kids
-her grandmas
-washing her hands
-looking at pictures of herself/watching videos of herself
-playing with her doll
-her blankie
-her olivia book
-anything that has to do with animals
-playing with her friends at church
-playing ring around the rosie and london bridge
-going to parks
-drinking out of an adult cup

Finley does not love:
-holding mommy's hand
-riding in shopping carts or the stroller
-getting the soap rinsed out of her hair
-being constipated (she gets a daily dose of prunes)
-when the sun is in her eyes. she screams "MY EYES!!" like she's going blind!
Here she is bowling with daddy.
Meeting baby lucy.

Approximately 2 seconds later she honked the baby's nose. Thanks for teaching her that, babe!

she could eat that whole thing of hummus.

To preface this next one....We've been watching this elmo dvd that is 25 years old. And in one scene elmo is admiring whoopi's pretty brown skin. He wants to have brown skin too.. Apparently so does Finley. She said "whoopi" when we asked her what she did.


michelle said...

i love the pic of her in the farm house sink, the kitchen looks divine. as usual, your writing cracks me up!whoopie wanna be, too funny!!

mike, hill, and isabella said...

my favorite things about this post:-"my eyes" (i CANNOT believe that a child of yours would be dramatic like that!)-the picture of her eating hummus-the whoopie story (i've already told everyone that story)-finding out that she honks noses -every single picture because, meghan, she is the cutest little girl and i love her!

Doug, Darla, and Kaya said...

Hillary told me the Whoopi story and it is even better after seeing the picture! I can't believe how similar the things that she and Kaya are doing but Finley is looking like such a big girl...is Kaya really that big too?? SO cute!!