nothing beats this smile.

Here is a clip of Finley saying some of her words. Don't mind the fact that i come off looking like a stage mom getting trying to get her to "perform" while she runs away saying "nooo".


michelle said...

I agree Finley is on the verge of reciting some Shakespearean sonnets! Or perhaps public speaking is in her future. She sounds so clear and so grownup. You always pick the the perfect title for your posts, her smile never fails to brighten my day and tug at my heart. She is such a gift of constant love and joy~

mike, hill, and isabella said...

she's smiling for the camera! those pictures are SO cute. i love the one of her standing on the stool with the measuring cup. partly because she looks like such a big girl, and partly because of her baby legs! more videos! i love her videos. maybe you should capture her saying "hillary." its pretty funny.