here we go

We knew it was only a matter of time before Finley began falling, crashing, and banging her way through life. We've done what we can to protect her from harms way-I've cushioned her play area with about 30 blankets! Now that she's sitting up unassisted she's teetered back and forth causing her mother to hold her breath. Last night the inevitable happened and she fell sideways banging her face/head on one of her favorite (hard-of course) toys. She started screaming immediately, and surprisingly I was somewhat unfazed by her first injury. Her Papa however, was shaken up by the incident. He declared, "I'm not okay with this"-I think he was referring to her new mobility, which undoubtedly means many boo boos and tears in the future. I was okay this time, but will I be okay when there is blood, cuts, bumps and bruises?? My guess is no.
Moments after the fall, she had already forgiven her toy for hurting her.

Other news: Finley woke up 9 times ( i counted) last night between 9-8! My guess is that those dreaded top teeth are on their way. This should make the biting mommy game even more exciting!

It's nights like this that make me SOOOOO thankful that I don't have to get up and go to work.


Andrea said...

Dear Lord, I understand why I didn't see you today! Hope you get some sleep tonight!!!Andrea

michelle said...

love the new background!